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1st A.V Roofing

h dawkins writes:

Bob's Cash For Clothes

Alun writes:
Disgraceful that this company is allowed to exist!
We took upwards of 80kgs of summer clothes and paired shoes, from my recently bereaved father, only to be told they weighed 20kg (I will contact weights and measures to have their scales calibrated). They gave 50p per kilo, not 60p as advertied.

They are conmen and rude, bleeding off others peoples misfortune

The Garden Converter

Hubert D. writes:
I brought The Garden Converter back again at the turn of the year. My last 2 flower beds were cleared of most of the plants. Martin chose the replacements which were duly planted & the beds were then laid with membrane and stoned as he had done with the previous ones last year. He trimmed some more of the existing plants and also did some transplanting to my wifes instructions. All was completed over a 4 day period and everything was left neat & tidy. We are well pleased with the overall look of the work which was carried out and will use him on future occasions when needed.
Thanks Martin

Paul Lewis Fencing & Garden Spec...

Dave Cooke writes:
We needed about 38 meters of stock fencing with horse netting and an 8 foot gate. We needed it done without concrete too.

Paul gave the lowest quote by over £300, turned up on time and was very polite. He put in the fence in a day and a half, on his own, without any heavy machinery. I have never seen 1 man do quite so much, so fast, i was totally impressed.

Work was completed in a timely manor, to a high standard and the site was made good afterwards. Both my wife and I, and our 2 dogs are extremely happy with the work Paul did and in fact are going to have him do more work on the same property later in the summer.

in summery, We would have no problem recommending Paul to anyone. Dont be fooled by the low quote, this guy is the genuine article, hard working,punctual and polite. You couldnt wish for a better guy to work on your property.

Apply Scaffolding

Martin n writes:
Damaget property and didnt tell us , will never recomend or use again set ov wankers